A whole hell of a lot of people died 'cause of ol' Pastor Harvington... A whole hell of alot.

Who ever said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions may have been speaking of Pastor Charles Harvington. A whole hell of a lot of people died ’cause of ol’ Pastor Harvington. A whole hell of a lot… BASED ON A REAL STORY

My French Neighbor In London

I could tell they were talking shit; they weren’t exactly trying to hide it.  They wore judgmental smirks and perplexed grimaces as they whispered feverishly amongst themselves.  Marianne, who had been my next door neighbor since I arrived in London two months earlier, interrupted me and in her thick French accent asked, “Why doo you […]

Fat Faced George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman- the doughy, unlovable, dolt who  shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was somehow, someway found Not-Guilty by a jury of his peers and the world has be left wondering- How the fuck did that happen?  Shitty Florida laws combined with a jury ass deep in swampy backwoods anti-intellectualism seems like the […]

Completed OLPH mic

The first joke I ever learned, remembered, stored to memory, was a horribly racist joke.  To this day it’s the only joke with a proper setup and punch line I can ever seem to remember.  What I think makes me remember this joke so clearly isn’t that it’s so funny, or so racist (both of […]


The tenor of their conversation had quickly escalated from cordial to hostile and was now rounding the corner to downright fighting. “But it’s mine and I want it back!” “Hey, I didn’t steal it from you.  I found it in the gutter- thoroughly rotted and covered in filth.  You obviously had no use for it.  […]

Meat locker looking tank

Vice recently released a documentary short on the subject of sensory deprivation tanks, aptly titled, “Tanks for the Memories.”  In the piece, Vice resident “psychonaut,” Hamilton Morris, visits several sensory deprivation facilities and goes for what is (or should be) commonly referred to as, a float.  While “Tanks for the Memories,” may not be the […]


Far in the distance, through a thin veil of fog, Steven can see a figure, a person, a someone approaching- headed right for him. Is that a man or woman?  Steven wonders as the figure continues in his direction.  Definitely a man, Steven concludes.  The way he walks gives it away.  Women don’t walk like […]


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